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05 May 2017 @ 09:48 pm
Hello beautiful followers,

I've moved to Dreamwidth; this community is being imported over, and I've actually had a few new fics over there since the one here.


I love you all. Stay wonderful, stay fabulous, stay strong. <3

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to add that it's the same usernames as here, honooko and abscondpress!
24 February 2014 @ 12:03 am
[Title] Fathers and Brothers
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] Mental illness/suicide
[Notes] Book 1
[Summary] Sable's father leaves him something important.

Sable grew up knowing his father was three different people.Collapse )
23 February 2014 @ 09:28 pm
[Title] Paper Summer
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG
[Warnings] None
[Notes] Book 1
[Summary] Sable remembers every single word.

Sometimes Sable doesn’t really know why he knows.Collapse )
23 February 2014 @ 09:11 pm
[Title] Lilies
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] Brief descriptions of death and violence
[Notes] After the Western Quiet War, Book 1
[Summary] Arlo tells a story.

When I met her, I barely noticed her, honestly.Collapse )
23 February 2014 @ 09:07 pm
[Title] Grow
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] None
[Notes] After Kazuya is unsealed, Book 1
[Summary] Kazuya has a new body. Clover helps him cope.

Sei had been standing outside of Kazuya’s door for nearly an hour.Collapse )
20 February 2014 @ 11:49 pm
[Title] Snipe
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] Slight gore; brief descriptions of violence.
[Notes] The 27th War of Heirs, Book 2
[Summary] Clover Ellis has a job to do.

Clover didn’t like her.Collapse )

[Title] Remember
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] Slight gore; brief descriptions of violence; reference to TBI
[Notes] After the Western Quiet War, Book 1
[Summary] Arlo remembers some things better than others.

Arlo lost count, after a while.Collapse )

[Title] Blood
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] Slight gore. Allusions to physical abuse.
[Notes] The 27th War of Heirs, Book 2
[Summary] Kazuya is used to blood.

Kazuya had always dreamed in blood.Collapse )

[Title] Home
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] Allusions to physical abuse.
[Notes] After Kazuya's rescue, Book 1
[Summary] A small boy in a big house.

The house was so big, Sei was slightly worried that Kazuya would simply be swallowed by it.Collapse )

[Title] Dream
[Author] honooko
[Rating] PG-13
[Warnings] Slight gore.
[Notes] The 27th War of Heirs, Book 2
[Summary] Sugata rests.

Sometimes exhaustion got the better of her.Collapse )

[Title] Number 12
[Author] honooko
[Rating] R
[Warnings] Slight gore, references to severe physical abuse, allusions to sexual abuse.
[Notes] Before the rescue, Book 1
[Summary] Kazuya is going to die here.

Kazuya was cold.Collapse )
20 February 2014 @ 11:23 pm
Hello readers!

First of all, because I know you guys are really patient about it... Cyberpunk is not and never will be 'dead'. I know where it's going, and I am making progress on it. It's just a matter of feeling inspired enough to really do it. So don't fret; it'll come!

That said, I've been doing some other work lately I really want to share. Background!

1. This is all lumped under something called 'Birthright' universe. This is a really, really long thing I've had going in my head for about six years now. In the very very beginning it had roots in Arashi fic, but it quickly outgrew that. Anybody from fandom reading it will probably figure out who started who, but these characters have developed a lot and changed, so it's not the kind of find/replace fiction that you see coming out of... certain infamous plagiarist authors of whom I'm sure we're mostly familiar with. I just want to make it really clear that this hasn't been fanfic in years, and never really was that strongly to begin with. I have also hung tightly on the name Kazuya (not unlike Kazunari, obviously,) despite the fact that this character has literally nothing in common with Nino and never did. I just really like the name. ._.;

2. This thing is massive, and the timeline is complicated. The story itself takes place across about 20 years, so you can imagine the level of world-building I've had to do. It's been hard to really make progress on it because I write in a very scattered manner, with bits and pieces that aren't usually in order. I also make an effort to have a delicate hand with it, so a lot of stuff is implied or vaguely mentioned, usually because it's going to have a more concrete version later. So if it doesn't entirely make sense and you get the feeling you're missing a piece, you probably are, because I probably haven't written it yet. Sorry!

3. This story comes with trigger warnings. I will be diligent about marking them appropriately, but the histories of certain characters are dark and may be alluded to too vaguely for me to feel it warrants a full warning; in some cases, I think a full descriptive warning would be a spoiler for the piece, so I'll warn in a large, generic manner. If you have very specific triggers, feel free to PM me and ask if a certain piece contains a certain thing which you cannot read. I'm more than happy to be your watchdog!

5. There are canon and non-canon relationships throughout. I will not expressly confirm nor deny any of them, so feel absolutely free to ship whatever you see. And please tell me if you do! I'm curious to see what people pick up. XD

4. I'm putting this thing up here because I want to get it read. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I want feedback and criticisms as I go so I can shape the story in a constructive way. So if you've got a critique, throw it at me! ♥

So, off we go!
12 August 2013 @ 09:29 pm
[Title] Not Well
[Author] honooko
[Rating] G
[Notes] Kageyama+Reiko cuteness. Aimless fluff!

Reiko wasn’t feeling well.Collapse )
03 April 2013 @ 10:15 pm
[Title] Open Your Eyes (18)
[Author] honooko
[Rating] R
[Notes] My jump drive that holds this story disappeared in November. I had back ups of everything except the 1500 words I had added. It took me a bit to get used to the idea of that much work being gone; sorry. I'm better now.

Ohno did not waste a heartbeat; he flung his arms around his mother, squeezing her with all the joy and relief in his heart.Collapse )